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Get a third year factory warranty by installing your detergent and fabric softener with us

We have a line of highly concentrated products designed for self-service laundry recommended by Primus Laundry ©

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What is Safe Box Clean?

It is our patented system for distributing the exact doses of detergent and fabric softener to the self-service industrial washing machines that allow us to:

  • Automatic exact dosing of each wash without wasting product
  • Less storage space
  • Reduced weight load for handling
  • No plastic waste, greener by reducing pollution
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With cardboard exterior and inner plastic bag with double protective layer without leaks and preserving the product in optimal conditions without degrading it by contamination or oxidation.

Our range of chemical products has been developed by chemical engineers for specific use in coin-op laundries, meeting the specific needs of our customers.

We offer a product with a concentration 8 times higher than a conventional bottle of product, which means an average duration of 600 wash cycles/box.


Product with high wetting, emulsifying and degreasing power on all types of greasy dirt.
Its neutral character makes it suitable for use on all types of textile fibres. Its performance is not affected by the hardness of the washing water and the presence of oxidising agents.

Product designed with cationic and anionic surfactants to achieve the foam effect needed in the self-service laundry sector by generating an attractive foam for the customer.


Concentrated liquid softener to be added in the last washing process of all types of textile fibres with a high percentage of cationic surfactants, with a high affinity for textile fibres, giving a pleasant touch that increases their fluffiness.

Our dosing system in laundries

Brightwell laundry dispensers are designed for high volume commercial environments and are the most reliable, easy to use and robust models on the market today.

Our dispensers are suitable for tunnel washers, mechanically controlled and card reader appliances, small washer-extractors and large machines, both intelligent and non-intelligent, with capacities ranging from 5 kg to 100 kg.

Dosificador Brightwell
Dosificador Brightwell

It is dosed in the last stage of the washing process by means of our automatic dosing devices or with the existing dosing devices in the customer’s plant.

Dosage 0.75 to 1 gram per kilogram of dry linen depending on the desired intensity.

Do not apply directly to clothing.

detergentes suavizantes
instalacion dispensadores de quimicos


The dosing of the products is carried out with latest generation pumps, which have a control system capable of achieving good precision in the amount of product dosed. In addition, thanks to this system, we obtain partial and total data on the use, quantity of product, dosing time etc. ….

La Colada has a qualified technical team for the assembly of new installations and maintenance. Our technicians have been trained at Primus (Alliance Laundry Systems) facilities to provide technical support and guarantee the brand in Spain and Portugal.

We also have a large stock of original spare parts in order to shorten delivery times.


safe box clean

Now you can get a third year factory warranty by installing the chemical with us.

The Primus brand is 100% committed to the quality of our installation and supply of chemical products, considering that they are the best for the proper functioning and durability of its machines, and, therefore, allows us to offer a third year of factory warranty to all those customers who make the installation with us.


  • It is an essential condition for maintaining this third year of factory warranty that Lacolada is the sole supplier of chemical products and technical service during the three years of this warranty. Primus trusts in the quality of our products and the professionalism of our technical service and for this reason alone offers an extra year’s guarantee for the benefit of those customers who choose this option.
  • Lacolada reserves the right to withdraw this additional third year factory warranty at any time if these conditions are not met.

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