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LaColada’s industrial washers and industrial dryers for our self-service stores are manufactured by Primus Laundry, a leading brand in the market.

Industrial Self-Service Washing Machines FX

lavadora autoservicio fx 80
Washing Machines Primus FX

✅ Washing Machines FX80 – FX105 – FX135

  • Suspended high centrifugation (up to 1165 rpm – FX80).
  • Stainless steel top panel, anthracite grey front and side panels.
  • Xcontrol – easy-to-use programmer.
  • Patented soap dish.
  • Large drain valve (diameter 76mm).
  • Easy access to all important parts from the front of the machine.
  • Large diameter door for easy loading and unloading.
  • Stainless Steel Drum.

Drums with more perforations to extract water efficiently without the clothes sticking to the drum, resulting in a better wash.

New wash programmes with infinite possibilities, with fast charging via USB.

Specially designed ribbing to reduce water consumption with optimum wash quality.

Eco System with the lowest levels of water consumption without lower washing efficiency.

Industrial Self-Service Washing Machines RX

lavadora autoservicio rx 80
Self-Service Washing Machine RX 80
  • Secure anchor, medium speed 200 G FACTOR
  • Top panel in stainless steel, front and side panels anthracite grey
  • Stainless steel drum interior and exterior
  • Xcontrol – easy-to-use programmer
  • Patented soap dish
  • Large drain valve (Ø 76mm)
  • Easy access to all important parts from the front of the machine
  • Large diameter door for easy loading and unloading.

Optional Features

  • Xcontrol Plus – fully programmable control
  • Central payment system
  • Stainless steel front and side panels
  • USB input + RS485 connector
  • EasySoap – connection of liquid detergents
  • Liquid detergent pumps
  • Connection set for water recycling
  • Steam heated version
  • Drainage pump (RX80)
  • Third water inlet
  • Drum perforations 7mm (limited to a G-Factor of 100)
  • Protection IP44

Industrial Self-Service Dryers T: T13 y T13/13

secadoras autoservicio T13-T1313
Self-Service Dryers T13-T1313
  • Version with coin purse
  • Radial and axial air flow
  • Stainless steel drum
  • User-friendly microprocessor
  • RADAX® concept: combination of radial and axial air circulation
  • Wide door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Capacity: 13 kg per drum
  • Volume 285 l per drum

Technology that combines radial and axial airflows and thus reduces consumption and dries efficiently.

Heat pump drying: -65% electricity consumption.

Why did we choose Primus Laundry machinery?

primus laundry factory

Primus Laundry was founded in 1911 as a manufacturer of washing machines and dishwashers in Belgium. From 1970 onwards the company focused on commercial and industrial laundry equipment.

Primus Laundry is headquartered in Belgium, manufactures all its products in its state-of-the-art production facilities in the Czech Republic, and has a global network of distributors.

Primus is today one of the leading manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment in Europe with a strong presence in North America, Asia and the Middle East. The group produces commercial laundry machines for, among others: hotels, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, community and commercial laundries as well as self-service laundries.

primus laundry factory equipement

The Primus Laundry global brand is well recognised for its high quality, reliability and price.

Primus has continuously invested in its ability to develop solutions to improve its products in terms of environmental and user-friendliness as well as hygienic quality standards. Today Primus is one of the most innovative companies in its field and has stood out for its flexibility to react to changes in customer needs or new market projects.

logistica primus laundry

Primus Laundry offers a complete range of washers, dryers and ironers for a wide variety of end uses and quality requirements. The breadth and depth of its product range is unique and unrivalled. Primus also continually develops new products aimed at alternative market segments to broaden its applications in specific sectors.

Primus covers the complete range of laundry equipment including high speed, anchorless revolution washer extractors, rigid mounted washers, hygienic barrier washers, tumble dryers and ironers. Through the distributor network, the group targets three types of end users:

  • self-service coin laundries
  • direct promotion laundries
  • commercial laundries