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New self-service laundries in the Netherlands

Why set up your own Self Service Laundry?

The service sector is one of the fastest growing and expanding sectors, and within this, the Self Service Laundry business offers excellent profitability while requiring little manpower, as it can be run in automatic mode thanks to domotic applications, both for managing the machinery and for opening, closing and surveillance.

Self-service laundries are a business of the future, as it is a convenient, fast, efficient system with unbeatable results that is increasingly used by a wider and more varied public: immigrants, singles, the elderly, families who do not have domestic help, students, temporary transferees, who in less than 30 minutes obtain the most demanding wash for all their clothes.

Why choose LaColada Clean & Dry?

We were born in 2013 as a service and investment company specialised in giving the best performance to self-service laundries, thanks firstly to our first class machinery in terms of reliability, performance, low consumption, almost no maintenance, and secondly, leaders in advising entrepreneurs, from the search for the best location and carrying out the work, as well as providing all the brand support and technical assistance that our partners need to make their investment a success.


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SBC dispensadores de quimicos

Safe Box Clean: Chemicals and Dispensers

Top quality detergent and fabric softener concentrates.
Automatic dispenser system to optimise and economise the performance of our self-service washing machines to the maximum.

What our customers say

emprender despues del paro

Entrepreneurship after a job layoff

Many of our customers are like Mario, facing redundancy after 10 years working in a bank, he rethought his future to take his family forward when he met us.
Now with 3 laundries in La Rioja, these are stories we are proud of.
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How LAVANDERIA LaColada’s Businesses work

In our washing machines you can wash large bed linen such as duvets and blankets, sofa covers, curtains and all your laundry, the capacity of our washing machines corresponds to two or three times that of a domestic washing machine, so you will save time and money if you wash with us.

Our washers and dryers are the easiest to use, detergent and fabric softener are dispensed automatically.

We always disinfect our washing machines and dryers every day. You can come any day from 8:00 to 22:00 h. With our App you will know the real time availability of our machines.



Empty pockets, load clothes and close the door.


Insert Coins


Choose Wash Programme


Start Washing



Load the laundry and close the door


Insert Coins


Choose Temperature


Start Drying

Our Apps for customers and Self-Service Laundry Management

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LaColada Mobile Applications

Download our App for iPhone, iPad or Android and get discounts for your washes or check the availability of our washing machines.
We also have a remote management and accounting App for our laundry owners.

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Laundry Management Apps

We have a management, accounting, analytics and home automation application to remotely manage your self-service laundry without having to travel.


✅ How does a self-service laundry work?

Simple, after checking the labels on the garment, emptying the pockets and putting it in the washing machine, just insert the coins and choose the washing programme.
The detergent and fabric softener are automatically added, then wait for the wash to finish.

🤔 Do you save money by doing your laundry in a self-service laundry?

Analysing the time spent, the cost of washing and the cost of drying, taking as a basis a family of 2 adults and 2 children with a laundry between daily clothes and bed linen and towels of about 45kg, we calculate about 20 hours in time spent and about €25 in electricity, water and cleaning products.
In a self-service laundry with an average of €4 per wash and €2 per dryer the cost is around €16 including detergent and fabric softener.

🦠 Do washing machines have a disinfection system?

In addition to detergent, our washing machines use ACTIVE OXYGEN, which means they are disinfected after each wash.

👌 Are self-service laundries profitable as a business?

LaColada Clean & Dry has been setting up automatic laundries for more than 9 years, we are already more than 1.000, this proves that they are profitable and easy to run.
You can have a laundry shop without having to leave your current job or combine it with other businesses, as you don’t need staff and thanks to our computer applications you can manage it remotely. However, we strongly recommend keeping the premises clean and in good condition.

🎯 What should the ideal premises for a self-service laundry look like?

In our experience we recommend premises of 40 to 60 square metres, with at least 2 washing machines and a tumble dryer. As with any business, if it is located in a medium or large town, it is best if it is easy to get to or even has parking nearby.

🥇 What is the best equipment to install in a laundry?

For us, the best washing and drying machines are undoubtedly those manufactured by Primus Laundry, with low maintenance and low breakdowns, and with all the reliability that makes them wash clothes with the best results.