hacer la colada fuera de casa

Laundry outside the home

The Anglo-Saxon custom of going to self-service boutiques is emerging in Spain.

Most customers rent large items because they cost half as much as in dry cleaners.

In the United States and England, there are self-serve buggies in the movies, or at least that is what we have often seen on the big screen. The autoservei boutiques are meeting places, or even meeting places, where we see very interesting things happening.

Well, here in Spain, until now, the clothes have been rented at home, but little by little, as time goes by, the self-serviced buggy shops have appeared as a profitable business proposal, and they are, because the user, for a minimum investment, can have his own business and all the machinery is included.

At our company LaColada Clean & Dry we work in this way, that is to say, we provide the user with high range, high performance, totally ecological and low consumption machinery. Without investing in a franchise!

In the business of self-service shops, is living a “boom” because the price and time saving are crucial factors for the customer, normally these usually carry large items such as duvets because they do not fit in the renting machine at home and it costs much less money to rent them in a self-service shop than a dry cleaner, it is much cheaper, another advantage is that in 30 minutes they are delivered at home.

Renting a piece of linen such as a double bed duvet can cost from 4.5 to 6 euros, depending on the customer’s choice, as they can choose a machine with a capacity for 10 or 13 kilos. For this same piece, in a dry cleaner’s shop they charge twice as much. The dry cleaner is a fraction: only 2 euros to dry 13 kilos of clothes.

In our opinion, this represents a considerable saving because it does not waste water, light, detergent or fabric softener, nor does it have to pay for the depreciation of the dry cleaner and possible repairs. A study by the Consumers and Users Organisation shows that wastage shoots up after three or four years of the appliance’s life.

Now you can set up your own self-servicing buggy shop and be your own manager. If you have any doubts or queries about self-servicing buggy shops, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Translated with DeepL